Notes on Using QNX Neutrino

Removeable disks

Supported Filesystems

Missing commands

The following standard Unix commands seem to be unavailable in QNX

PCI Cards

Startup Files

Login via Serial Port

Being able to login via the serial port is a useful feature. It is especially handy when the keyboard isn't responding, or when the floppy disk and ethernet hardware aren't recognised and you need to get a file off the hard disk. You only need to do two things to activate login over the serial port.

(1) Configure the serial parameters for the port. You can do this by adding the following stty command (you may need to change the settings for your situation) to /etc/rc.d/rc.local (ensure that rc.local is run at startup, and has executable permissions) :

stty baud=115200 bits=8 stopb=1 par=none </dev/ser1

(2) Tell the terminal initialisation program tinit about the serial port. This is achieved by adding the following line to /etc/config/ttys :

ser1 "/bin/login" qansi-m on


The default (Korn) shell uses the key sequence ESC ESC for filename completion. To change this default to match the bash default (TAB), use the command bind '^I'=complete

Beware: when using the cp and mv commands, if a file exists that has the same name as the given destination name, by default they will silently overwrite the existing file.

Vim Editor

Elvis is the default vi editor. That is, the file /bin/vi is a symbolic link to /bin/elvis. Vim is a more powerful clone of vi; to make it the default vi editor, change the symbolic link to point to /usr/bin/vim with the command ln -fs /usr/bin/vim /bin/vi. You may also want to do this for the view command.

Compiling Open Sources

od is called by libtool, which itself is called by GNU configure (for teTeX at least). od on QNX is actually a link to /usr/bin/hd. hd does not support the “-x” option, which is actually an abbreviation for “-A x2” meaning two-byte hex (or just “-A x” since two bytes is the default for this format).

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