Obtaining Java for QNX

When I was trying to get Java going on QNX, I had great difficulty finding information (especially correct information!), finding a compiler, and finding a runtime engine (virtual machine). Thus, I put together this brief summary of the information I found in the hope that it saves anyone else going around and around in the same circles.


Jikes is a Java compiler that has been compiled on QNX. It is available from IBM's Open Source Project site and OSS server mirror. In addition, Jikes version 1.15 is provided on QNX's Public Repository for 6.2, and was provided on the 6.1 installation CD.

Development Environment

Eclipse is an open source multi-functional IDE that has comprehensive support for Java, including a built-in compiler and virtual machine.

VAME (VisualAge Micro Edition) was IBM's IDE for Java. It was bundled with QNX 6.1, and included the J9 virtual machine. VAME has since been replaced by IBM's WebSphere system.

Virtual Machine (Run-time Environment)

J9 is a Java VM for QNX. It is provided with Eclipse, and is thus available from Eclipse.org, go to the downloads section, and follow the links to the appropriate distribution directory. J9 is contained in the file eclipse-SDK-<version>-qnx-photon.zip.


The distribution contains a number of different class packages. jclMax is the full-featured class library, whilst jclCore and jclXtr (Extreme) are subsets of Max. These packages are contained in the files named classes.zip contained in the directories lib/jclMax, lib/jclCore, and lib/jclXtr. There is also the Personal Configuration Class, which is found in the ive/lib/jclMax/prslnto.jar file.

Installing Eclipse Java

  1. Download the file eclipse-SDK-<version>-qnx-photon.zip from one of the Eclipse projects' download sites.
  2. Extract the file to a suitable location (e.g. /usr/).
  3. Add the line

    export CLASSPATH="/usr/eclipse/ive/jclMax/classes.zip"

    to /etc/profile. And optionally add the line

    export CLASSPATH="$CLASSPATH:/root"

    to .profile in your home directory.

Redundant Links

There is so much misleading and confusing material on the Web relating to the availability of Java for QNX that it is worth identifying this redundant information here.

The web sites http://www.ibm.com/embedded/ and http://www.embedded.oti.com/ are frequently mentioned in discussions of Java on QNX, since VAME and the J9 virtual machine were available there. However, both of these URLs are now redirected to http://www-3.ibm.com/software/wireless/wsdd/, which is the web site for IBM's Web Sphere Device Developer.

IBM's VisualAge for Java was available with QNX 6.1, but it has now been withdrawn by IBM, and replaced by WebSphere Studio Site Developer.

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